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Pepe Jeans London has been at the forefront of international denim-led fashion for the past 40 years. Few fashion brands can claim to have the same level of international success.

The denim pioneer began life as a small market stall on London’s Portobello Road Market when Nitin Shah, along with his two brothers Arun and Milan, began selling jeans from there at the weekends. Very soon, they had opened up a full-time market shop on the King’s Road.

Despite these humble roots, the brand’s vision was clear from the outset: to create the most exciting denim-led fashion on the planet. It was a vision that didn’t go unnoticed and the label quickly became the talk of the town among London’s fashion crowd.

By 1975, the number of market shops grew to four and the first boutique, called San Tropez, opened on the King´s Road. Pepe Jeans London went onto expand rapidly in the UK in a market dominated by big US brands.

This success can be attributed to its ability to move faster than the competition when it came to supplying good design, quality fabrics and different finishes. By 1979, new corporate headquarters were needed and the label moved into Pepe House in North West London - 25,000 square-feet of offices and ware-housing space.

Throughout the early Eighties, Pepe Jeans London’s dominance grew and it became one of the biggest denim brands in the UK, revolutionising tradeshows by creating exciting themed stands. It was at this time that many of the brand’s iconic items were developed: The triangular ‘Pepe’ typeface, the keyring and pin-stripe denim. The keyring in particular caused frantic barter-ing, haggling and hysteria in colleges, shops and youth clubs and became quite the original collectable.

The beginning of the Eighties also saw the brand expand into the new European markets: Holland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. It was a move that was consolidated during the Nineties. By the start of the new millennium, Pepe Jeans London had confirmed its reputation as one of the biggest brands in the denim market.

Most recently, Pepe Jeans London has turned its focus to the emerging territories of Latin America and Asia, and launched further lines including childrenswear (2002), the rock ‘n’ roll-inspired premium denim collection 73, the collaborative Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans collection (2007), as well as footwear and eyewear collections.

Today, Pepe Jeans London trades in over 60 countries, sells through more than 7,000 stockists and has over 300 own-brand stores and all 2,000-plus of its employees will happily confirm that the brand remains devoted to its initial mantra - to create the most exciting denim-led fashion on the planet.

There are many myths and fables as to where the brands name comes from. Originally called the San Tropez Trading Company, a very slow process when a hriving business needs to write cheques one day Mr Nitin Shah whilst sitting in a Greasy Joe cafe in West London, tucking into a sausage sandwich thought about changing the name of his rapidly growing brand to a shorter two syllabelled name. In a flash... there it was. P.E.P.E

There are many tales as to the actual logo design and where it came from. Rumour has it that Bruce Weber dropped a box of prints off at the Pepe office which was then in Isleworth, London with a scribbled ´To Pepe Jeans´ on the top, and the logo as it is today is just a cleaned up version of Webers handwriting.


Pepe Jeans London’s growth has been fuelled not only by its ambition to trade through multiple platforms from own-retail and wholesale to online, but also by its determination to constantly break into new markets in a bid to introduce the brand’s unique vision to a broader global audience.

“Pepe Jeans London has been growing aggressively in recent years not only through organic growth but also by selling deeper in our existing markets and by expanding into new territories,” said Bart Denolf, International Director at Pepe Jeans London. “On one side the focus remains on Europe where the brand is already well established and where we will continue to invest in statement-making flagship stores in every key city. Additionally, we are working intensively on our expansion strategy into newly emerging markets. We have recently opened flagship stores in Malaysia, Thailand, Middle East and Latin America and in the next two years we will support these markets with additional retail openings. Additional countries earmarked for aggressive growth include Russia, the Middle East, South-East Asia and Latin America.”

In fashion terms, Pepe Jeans London manufactures over 10 million garments annually and has three fully equipped large-scale warehouse and logistics centres in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. To ensure better quality production and the shorter lead times required to compete in today’s fast-paced fashion sector, Pepe Jeans London has invested significantly in an internationally diverse sourcing structure with 45% of manufacturing derived from Europe and North Africa and the remaining 55% coming through Asia.


In 2002 Pepe Jeans London launched its first childrenswear collection as well as 73, a premium rock’n’roll-inspired denim collection. These were followed in 2007 by the avant-garde Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans London collection for men and women, as well as the more recent introductions of footwear and eyewear.

Following Pepe Jeans London’s ongoing sponsorship of Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s Formula One team, the brand unveiled an excitiThe Pepe Jeans London collection includes women’s, men’s and kids’ fashion as well as footwear and accessories.

Aimed at trend-conscious 20 to 35 year-old men and women, the seasonally updated Pepe Jeans London denim ranges are supported by a diverse series of main trend-led fashion collections designed and developed to keep the brand ahead of the competition when it comes to the coolest and mng Formula One fashion collection last year with Pepe Jeans London as the supplier of all Infiniti Red Bull Racing collections for men, women and juniors.

There are two new arrivals to note among the spring/summer 2014 season for Pepe Jeans London: The new men’s collection made in collaboration with Cambridge University – inspired, aptly, by university sports such as rugby, rowing and sailing. You’ll find rugby-inspired polo shirts presented in a variety of fabrics including slubby jerseys alongside Cambridge logo print T-shirts, seersucker shirts and classic regatta blazers.

Also a first for Pepe Jeans London in 2014 is the development of its childrenswear offering to include a collection aimed specifically at 2 to 8 year-olds, while there will be a separate junior collection designed for 8 to 16 year-olds. Both collections will be produced with Pepe Jeans London branding.

As ever, one thing remains as consistent today as it did in 1973 on that market stall in London’s Portobello Road: Pepe Jeans London’s unswerving commitment to its customers and its pledge to create the most exciting denim-led fashion on the planet.


Pepe Jeans London has been quite controversial over the years and often ahead of the times. Almost all of its cinema commercials in the Eighties had censorship issues – there were kids stealing their fathers’ Mercedes and trashing them and there were psychedelic trips inside washing machines. Both got plenty of attention.

And in 1986, when the brand employed maverick directors to create striking and challenging marketing material, there came a television commercial featuring the infamous performance artist Leigh Bowery asking ‘Where´s Pepe?’ It won an award and was followed up with the then unknown The Smiths providing a track of theirs – ‘How Soon Is Now’ - for a commercial called Raindance. The track went on to chart that year.

Over the years the brand has continued to work with innovative creatives and emerging models. A young Kate Moss featured in the Autumn Winter 90/91 Direction Books. The following year Bruce Weber was invited to shoot the now famous high profile ad campaign featuring actor Jason Priestley. Further Weber shoots include Bridget Hall’s first major campaign.

This tradition has of course continued - the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Sienna Miller, Fernando Torres, Ashton Kutcher, Alexa Chung, and supermodels Natalia Vodianova, Laetitia Casta, Daria Werbowy and the latest Cara Delevingne, have all been faces of the brand. And shot, no less, by super lensemen such as Steven Klein, Mikael Jansson, Steven Meisel, Josh Olins, and David Sims.


At the beginning of 2013, Pepe Jeans London extended its partnership with leading Formula One team Infiniti Red Bull Racing, running until 2014.

The new agreement, which originally started in 2010, confirmed Pepe Jeans London as an official sponsorship partner as well as supplier of all Infiniti Red Bull Racing clothing collections for men, women and juniors.

Pepe Jeans London further solidified its partnership with Infiniti Red Bull Racing by producing all team uniforms, the Official Team Line and the more aspirational Premium Collection of sports-inspired casualwear for men, women and juniors.

The collections underlines the dynamic and youthful spirit of both Pepe Jeans London and the Formula One team.


Pepe Jeans London is committed to society and actively participates in various projects alongside not-for-profit organisations in India, Senegal, Haití, Kenya or Cambodia.

The brand understands that it is only as strong as the communities in which it trades. So it makes good sense to not only ensure positive working conditions for colleagues in its supply chains but also to ensure that its customers understand that Pepe Jeans London is committed to developing its reputation in sustainable fashion.

Pepe Jeans London launched Tru-Blu®, a pioneering denim collection which uses zero chemicals and dramatically reduces water consumption across its range. With the issue of water scarcity more important to the global agenda, Pepe Jeans has developed supply relationships with factories that recycle a significant proportion of their water usage. Pepe Jeans London has further slashed the amount of water used to wash its jeans by employing the very latest ozone-led finishing technologies and three-dimensional laser finishes which not only subtract the use of chemicals but also minimise the use of water in the wash process when creating jeans

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